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Juror 8 (Eight) 2019 Plot synopsis, cast, trailer, south Korean Tv series

Juror 8

Native Title: 배심원들 Subtitle: English
Alternative English title: Jurors , The Juror , Jury , Juror Eight , Baesimwondeul
Screenwriter & Directors: Hong Seung Wan
Genres: Comedy, Law
Country: South Korea
Release Date: May 15, 2019
Duration: 1 hr. 54 min.

Synopsis of Juror 8

It is the story of the first jury jury in 2008 in South Korea. It follows the case of a son who brutally murders his mother, where all factors seem to indicate a guilty verdict. However, the test is not running as smoothly as expected. The eighth jury member, the young entrepreneur Kwon Nam Woo, questions the self-proclaimed fault of the defendant. As a result, the court calls for a new debate to establish a guilty or non-guilty verdict.
Kim Joon Gyum is the presiding judge who leads the first civil participation in criminal proceedings in South Korea.
The jury consists of 8 ordinary people with different ages and personality.
Jury members: n.1 Yoon Geu Rim, a late law student, n.2 Yang Choon Ok, a caregiver, n.3 Jo Jin Shik, an unknown actor who is more concerned with his daily wages than the trial, n.4 Byun Sang Mi, a full-time housewife, n.5 Choi Yeong Jae, a senior company secretary, n.6 Jang Ki Baek, unemployed, n.7 Oh Soo Jung, a job seeker, n.8 Kwon Nam Woo, an entrepreneur.
This group forms a microcosm of society, and the way in which they are influenced by the opinion of the majority further comment on the current situation.
Kwon Nam Woo is in stark contrast to this, searches research records and supports his doubts about the case with determination. He repeatedly questions the culprit's guilty statement and reminds Kim Joon Gyum of the importance of justice. Little by little, he breaks the majority opinion by standing up for a non-guilty verdict.
The jury members are ordinary people, but after they have become jury members, they look for the truth of the matter.(source-partially: Soompi)

Cast - Main role of Juror 8

Moon So Ri as Kim Joon Gyum | Park Hyung Shik as Kwon Nam Woo
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