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Let Us Meet Now 2019

Native Title: 우리 지금 만나
Subtitle: English
Alternative English title: Uri Jigeum Manna
Directors: Boo Ji Young, Kang Yi Kwan
Country: South Korea
Release Date: May 29, 2019

Synopsis: Let Us Meet Now

The driver, Seong Min supplies food products to an industrial park, where he sees North Korean employee Sook Hee every day. One day Sook Hee shows an interest in the songs Seong Min listens to.
Hey, Jeong Eun takes care of her mother with Alzheimer's disease. One day she receives a call from a North Korean woman and is asked for a favor.
It is a first, but shall we meet now?

Main cast: Let Us Meet Now

Yoon Hye Ri as Sook Hee | Bae Yoo Ram as Seong Min | Lee Jung Eun as Jeong Eun
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