Banjo no Himawari 2019, Synopsis, Cast

Upcoming japnese drama 2019, Synopsis, Cast

Drama: Banjo no Himawari 2019

Native Title 盤上の向日葵
Subtitle English
Alternative title The Sunflower on the Shogi Board
Directors Honda Ryuichi
Screenwriters Kuroiwa Tsutomu
Genres Mystery, Investigation
Country Japan
Episodes 4
Release Date ep 8, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019
Airs On Sunday
Network NHK
Duration 50 min.

Synopsis: Banjo no Himawari

In 1994 a human skeleton is found in Mount Saitama. A shogi toy is found with the skeleton. The shogi piece was made by a master craftsman. Veteran detective Takeshi and rookie detective Naoya start investigating the owner of the shogi piece.

Keisuke is a brilliant professional shogi player. Keisuke remembers his childhood during an interview with a shogi magazine. In 1972 Keisuke was a primary school student and lived with his father. His father was violent and didn't even give Keisuke a good meal. Keisuke happened to meet Koichiro, who was a retired teacher. Koichiro was kind to Keisuke and Keisuke became fascinated by the game of shogi. investigator Takeshi and investigatorNaoya go to Keisuke. Is Keisuke the killer? Who is the dead?

Main Cast: Banjo no Himawari

Chiba Yudai as Kamijo Keisuke

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