Cold Case Provisional Task Force: Cast & Summary

Drama: Cold Case Provisional Task Force 2020

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Native Title 미제사건 임시전담반
Subtitle English
Alternative title Mijesagun Imshijeondamban, Cold Case Task Force, Unsolved Mystery Squad
Directors Yoon Yeo Chang
Screenwriters Jung Tae Sung
Genres Mystery, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Episodes -
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Network -
Duration -

Plot Synopsis

Oh Gyun Shik wants to become a investigator, but due to his dyslexia he may have to give up his dream. One day he catches a robber and becomes the first internal detective ever. His fellow detectives look at him suspiciously and rightly. Lee Min Joo becomes an intern reporter for a sports newspaper after she stopped playing football due to an accident. She is unexpectedly fired because of her poor writing skills. She gets involved in a case with Gyun Shik and gets an exclusive scoop.

Main Character

    Cold Case Provisional Task Force Starring
  • Lee Sung Yeol as Oh Gyun Shik
  • Cold Case Provisional Task Force Starring
  • Lee Ye Hyun as Lee Min Joo

Supporting Cast

  • Yoon Ye Hee
  • Kim Kwi Seon