Maggie 2019 Korean Movie Synopsis, Cast & Trailer

Maggie 2019, Korean Movie, Synopsis, Cast

Movie: Maggie

Native Title 메기
Subtitle English
Alternative title ?
Directors Lee Ok Seop
Screenwriters Lee Ok Seop
Genres Mystery, Comedy
Country South Korea
Release Date Sep 26, 2019
Duration 1 hr. 28 min.

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Synopsis: Maggie

The discovery of x-rays of sexual intercourse causes problems in a hospital. The emergency clinic organization is more interested in who might be in the X-rays than who took them. A nurse, Yeo Yoon Young, writes her resignation because she thinks it is her, but when she arrives in the hospital, there is no one but the assistant sheriff. While this busyness is going on in the hospital, strange zinc holes appear in Seoul. Young workers, including Yoon-young's boyfriend, are mobilized to fill these sudden zinc holes.

Main Cast: Maggie

Lee Joo Young as Yeo Yoon Young | Moon So Ri as Dr. Lee
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