No Way For Stumer 2019, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer

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Drama: No Way For Stumer 2019

Native Title 伪钞者之末路
Subtitle English
Alternative title Wei Chao Zhe Zhi Mo Lu , The Counterfeiter
Directors ?
Screenwriters ?
Genres Action, Suspense, Crime
Country China
Episodes 24
Release Date Sep 3, 2019
Airs On Thursday
Network iQiyi
Duration ?

Synopsis: No Way For Stumer

From the usual themes of law enforcement a Chinese drama ensues that follows a team of investigators who make equally great sacrifices in their mission to put an end to counterfeit money.

When discovering 'superior' fake accounts that cannot be detected by money scanners, police captain Qi Tian leads his subordinates Xiang Bei and Wei Xian Yu into cracking the case. Tang Song, the brother-in-law of Xiang Bei, who happens to be on site, is seduced by the potential for unimaginable wealth and will produce counterfeits. Because the police determine that there is more than one source of counterfeit money, a specialized team is formed to trace every perpetrator.

Cast: No Way For Stumer

Wu You as Xiang Bei | Morning Chang | Wang Ting | Gong Hai Bin | Hao Ping
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