The Climbers 2019 Movie, Synopsis, Cast & Trailer

The Climbers 2019, Chinese Movie, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer

Movie: The Climbers 2019

Native Title 攀登者
Subtitle English
Alternative title The Climbers, Qomolangma
Directors Daniel Lee
Screenwriters ?
Genres Action, Historical, Sports
Country China
Release Date Sep 30, 2019
Duration ?

Synopsis: The Climbers

Based on events from the first successful expedition to climb the summit of Mt Qomolangma (Mt Everest) via the treacherous north route (from Tibet to China) in 1960.
The trio that reached the top on May 25, 1960 were the first climbers to do this without extra oxygen when it was finished and they became Everest's 7th, 8th and 9th toppers.

Main Cast: The Climbers

Wu Jing as Fang Wu Zhou | Zhang Zi Yi as Xu Ying (Meteorologist) | Zhang Yi as Qu Song Lin | Jing Bo Ran as Li Guo Liang (Photographer) | Hu Ge as Yang Guang (Photographer)
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