The Lies Within 2019 OCN Drama Synopsis, Cast & Trailer

Upcoming OCN Drama 2019, Synopsis, Cast & Trailer

Drama: The Lies Within 2019

Native Title 모두의 거짓말
Subtitle English
Alternative title Moduui Geojismal, Everyone’s Lie, The Lies Within, Modooui Geojitmal
Directors Lee Yoon Jung
Screenwriters Won Yoo Jung, Jeon Yeong Shin
Genres Thriller, Mystery, Detective, Investigation
Country South Korea
Episodes 16
Release Date Oct 12, 2019 - Dec 1, 2019
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Network OCN
Duration 60 min.

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Synopsis: The Lies Within

"Everyone's lies" is about a woman whose spouse disappears after the unexpected passing of her dad. She joins the National Assembly and collaborates with a detective in her search for the truth. The two characters work together to break the silence and lies that people spill to ensure their own advantages.

Main Cast: The Lies Within

Lee Min Ki as Jo Tae Shik | Lee Yoo Young as Kim Seo Hee

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