The Ukishima Maru Massacre 2019, Movie, Synopsis, Cast

The Ukishima Maru Massacre

Native Title 우키시마호 대학살
Subtitle English
Alternative title Ukisimaho daehaksal
Directors Kim Jin Hong
Screenwriters ?
Genres Historical, Documentary
Country South Korea
Release Date Sep 19, 2019
Network ?
Duration 1 hr. 26 min.

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Synopsis: The Ukishima Maru Massacre

August 22, 1945. Japan lost the war and they loaded a Joseon workers force of 8,000 on a ship called Ukisima to take them to the port of Busan. However, the ship sank into the water due to an unknown explosion. This is the story of thousands of Joseon people who dreamed of coming back to their families and how they died.

Main Cast: The Ukishima Maru Massacre

Ahn Jae Mo

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