City of Stars (2021) Cast, summary

Poster 별의 도시, Synopsis, Release date, Cast
Native Title 별의 도시
Subtitle English
Alternative title Byeol ui Dosi, Star City
Directors Jang Jin
Genres Romance, Thriller, Friendship, Sci-Fi, Political
Country South Korea
Episodes 16
Release Date Feb 14, 2021
Airs On Saturday, Sunday

Synopsis: City of Stars

About a friendship between astronauts, in violation of various patriotic loyalty. Two boys with star eyes dream of exploring space since childhood. As adults, they are selected as potential astronaut candidates for a special mission to obtain a constant supply of Helium-3. It takes place in a future world where the natural fuels of the earth have almost dried up. Finding this alternative energy source becomes a matter of planetary importance and nations are fighting secret battles to ensure their own survival.

Main Cast: City of Stars

Ji Chang Wook, 지창욱,  Ji Chang Uk;Ji Chang Wook, Chang Wook, Wookie, South Korean Ji Chang Wook as Yoo Dong Ha