Closed Ward 2019 Movie Synopsis & Cast

Closed Ward 2019, Japanese Movie, Synopsis, Cast

Japanese Movie - Closed Ward 2019

Native Title 閉鎖病棟―それぞれの朝―
Subtitle English
Alternative title Family of Strangers, Heisa Byoutou, Heisa Byouto - Sorezore no Asa
Directors Hirayama Hideyuki
Screenwriters Hirayama Hideyuki
Genres Crime
Country Japan
Release Date Nov 1, 2019
Duration 1 hr. 57 min.

Synopsis - Closed Ward

Kajiki Hidemaru, Chu-san and Yuki are patients in a psychiatric hospital in Komoro, in the Nagano prefecture. Hidemaru slaughtered his mother and daughter-in-law. Chu-san used to work as a salary man, but he suffers from auditory hallucinations. Yuki is a high school student and she refuses to go to school. That is why she is treated on an outpatient basis.
Patients in the psychiatric hospital try to live clearly, but things suddenly change. A murder takes place in the hospital. The killer is Hidemaru.

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Main Actors - Closed Ward

Shofukutei Tsurube as Kajiki Hidemaru | Ayano Go Tsukamoto as Nakaya/Chu San | Komatsu Nana as Shimazaki Yuki

Co-Stars - Closed Ward

Bando Ryota as Marui Shohachi | Hiraiwa as Kami Kimo | Ayata Toshiki as Murakami | Morishita Yoshiyuki as Dabinchi | Mizusawa Shingo as Hakase | Komakine Ryusuke as Teppo | Ohkubo Hitoe as Fu San | Ohkata Hisako as Ojigi | Muraki Jin as Dou San | Kataoka Reiko as Shimazaki Kayo | Yamanaka Takashi as Shimazaki Nobuo | Negishi Toshie as Tsukamoto Tomiko | Bengal as Sakai | Takahashi Kazuya as Otani | Kino Hana as Ishida Sanae | Shibukawa Kiyohiko as Shigemune | Kobayashi Satomi as Inami

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