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Japanese Movie: Super Juvenile Detective Team NEO Beginning 2019

Native Title 超・少年探偵団NEO Beginning
Subtitle English
Alternative title Super Boy Detective Team NEO Beginning,
Shonen Tanteidan, Shonen Detectives,
Cho Shonen Tanteidan NEO: Beginning
Directors ?
Screenwriters ?
Genres Mystery, School, Youth, Investigation
Country Japan
Release Date Oct 25, 2019
Duration ?

Synopsis: Super Juvenile Detective Team NEO Beginning

Based on the detective novel Shonen Detectives series by Ranho Edogawa, the detective, Akochi Kogoro and Kobayashi Shonen, a Shonen disciple, filmed as a new story in which every great grandson is active. A founder of the boy detector team · Kobayashi, a great-grandchild of the great-grandchild of Shonen Kobayashi, a monster 20-something that has been lost for 10 years. The phase with twenty faces left the word the time of the promise is near and disappeared again. Suspicious incidents occur in succession in the vicinity of Yoshida and Yoshida must encounter these mysteries. The young detective team revives through the companions who support him. Yu Kobayashi plays the children of 'the twelve who want to die', Takashi Mahiro Takagashi and Yoshika's close friend, Watari, and 'two yesterday and my future', Sanodake, Mayuta Horita, Itagaki Yayoi, Atsushi Maeda and Yuki Nagamura young actors play a face -to-face relationship. At Akao, who works on the anime Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Noragami he is the first to compose a real to life film content. The chief is Shintaro Shinozuka from The Joker Game Escape.

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Main Actors: Super Juvenile Detective Team NEO Beginning

Takasugi Mahiro as Yoshihiro Kobayashi / Yoshirou | Sano Gaku as Watari | Hotta Mayu as Akechi Saya | Osamura Koki as Kurosaki | Itagaki Mizuki as No Shotaro | Maeda Oshiro as Atsushi Tsukahara

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