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Flying Phoenix 2020 (Chinese Drama) Release & Synopsis

Chinese Drama: Flying Phoenix 2021

Poster Flying Phoenix 2021, Chinese Drama, Release, Synopsis
Native Title 凤于九天
Subtitle English
Alternative title 風于九天, Feng Yu Jiu Tian, Phoenix Heavenly Voyage
Genres Historical, Romance
Country China
Episodes 60
Release Date Dec 31-2020 ?
Airs On
Duration 40 min.

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Synopsis: Flying Phoenix

Feng Ming was only 19 when he lost his life and saved a child from death without decisively. The grateful father of theprotected kid gives Feng Ming a second chance at life. Unknown to Feng Ming, his soul has been taken to a distant old country (that resembles the dynasties of China).
Upon awakening, he finds himself in the vulnerable body of the crowned prince of Thunder Kingdom, who is also blessed with the title of the most beautiful man in all countries. However, his magnificence has a price because he attracts the unwanted attention of the Minister of Affairs, Rong Tian, who finds every reason to mentally and physically harass the prince. As Feng Ming begins to get the conspiracies around him, what happens when the prince's true identity is uncovered? And what happened to the "genuinel" prince?

Main Cast: Flying Phoenix

Dai Jing Yao Dai Jing Yao
Ashin Shu Ashin Shu

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