How Are You Bread 2020 (Korean Drama) Synopsis & Cast

Drama: How Are You Bread 2019

Native Title How Are You Bread 2021, Korean Drama, Synopsis
Native Title 하와유브레드
Subtitle English
Alternative title Hawayubeuredeu, How Are U Bread
Directors Kim Young Joon
Screenwriters Kang Soo Yeon
Genres Romance, Fantasy, Melodrama
Country South Korea
Episodes 5
Release Date Jan/17/2020 - Feb/15/2020
Airs On Saturday
Network Naver TV Cast, Viki
Duration 42 min.

Synopsis: How Are You Bread

A genius pastry chef, with talent well beyond his years, Han Do Woo is a chef unmatched in the pastry world. The master chef of his own bakery, it is often said that if you are lucky enough to enjoy one of Do Woo's pastries, your own wishes will definitely come true. With such rumors floating around, it doesn't take long for Do Woo's mysterious bakery to become the talk of the day. As the buzz grows around Do Woo and his bakery, it's only a matter of time before he catches the media's attention. A writer for the popular baking show, "Top 3 Bakery Kings," Noh Mi Rae, is determined to get Do Woo to join the cast. There is only one problem: Do Woo wants nothing to do with her or her show. With her job at stake, Mi Rae tries anything and everything to get Do Woo to appear on her show. Mi Rae's despair infiltrates the bakery and leads her on an unexpected path, as her attempts to pursue Do Woo slowly flutter her own heart. Could all this time spent with the mysterious pastry chef eventually lead to love?

Main Actors: How Are You Bread

Suho Han Suho as Han Do Woo
Lee Se Young Lee Se Young as Noh Mi Rae

Co-Stars: How Are You Bread

Moon Ji Yoon | Han So Young | Kang Tae Hwan | Kim Seo Ra | Seo Jung Yeon | Lee Ki Chan | Oh Sang Jin | Im Byung Ki | Lee Soo Ryun

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