Insects Awaken 2019 (Chinese drama) Synopsis & Cast

Insects Awaken 2019, Chinese drama, Synopsis, Cast

Chinese drama: Insects Awaken 2019

Native Title 惊蛰
Subtitle English
Alternative title 麻雀2之惊蛰, Ma Que 2 Zhi Jing Zhe, Jing Zhe,
Sparrow 2, Die Zhan Shen Hai Zhi Jing Zhe,
Awakening of Insects, 谍战深海之惊蛰
Directors Sun Wei
Screenwriters Haifei
Genres Action, Suspense, Historical, Romance
Country China
Episodes 60
Release Date Oct 17-2019
Airs On Thursday
Network iQiyi, Tencent Video, Mango TV
Duration 45 min

Synopsis: Insects Awaken

In 1941 a man grabbed the eye of the Japanese because of his resemblance to a BIS spy.He is pulled by the impact of another into the risky universe of secret activities, he realizes his responsibilities as a citizen of his country and engages in the anti-occupation efforts.
Chen Shan lives on the street by acting in intelligence. Because he looks like BIS employee Xiao Zheng Guo, Japanese spy leader Huang Mu Wei kidnaps Chen Shan's sister Chen Xia so that he has no choice but to make their bids. To save her, Chen Shan undergoes special training and turns out to be an exceptional spy.
Starting from the identity of Xiao Zheng Guo, Chen Shan infiltrates the BIS headquarters in Chongqing and starts a mission where a small slip can cost his life. As a Chinese resident, Chen Shannever truly needed to betray his motherland. He meets Zhang Li, a woman with a strong conviction and slowly changes into a man who even wants to give up his own life for the sake of his country.

Main Actors: Insects Awaken

Zhang Ruo Yun as Chen Shan/ Xiao Zheng Guo | Angel Wang as Zhang Wei | Sean Sun as Zhou Hai Chao | Adi Kan as Yu Xiao Wan

Co-Stars: Insects Awaken

Wang Long Zheng as Huang Mu Wei | Wang Wan Juan as Tang Man Qing | Li Qiang as Fei Zheng Peng | Luo Qiu Yun as Chen Xia

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