The Gravity of a Rainbow 2019 (Chinese drama) Synopsis & Cast

Chinese drama: The Gravity of a Rainbow 2019

Native Title 彩虹的重力 / Cai Hong De Chong Li
Subtitle English
Alternative title Rainbow Gravity, Cai Hong De Zhong Li, Weight of a Rainbow
Directors Lin Qingzhen
Screenwriters Shi Dingrou
Genres Romance
Country China
Episodes 40
Release Date October 16, 2019
Airs On Wednesday, Friday
Network Tencent
Duration 45 min.

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Synopsis: The Gravity of a Rainbow

A story about three modern women who make different decisions, how this affects them in the workplace and changes their friendship and how they find love.

He Caihong (Xuan Lu), persistent in the search for her soulmate, falls for the all-round professor Ji Huang (Godfrey Gao) with whom she shares similar interests. Caihong's mother does not approve of her daughter's choice because she focuses on fuerdai Su Donglin (Zhang Liang) to become her future son-in-law.

While Xia Feng (Lin Youwei) no longer has a job, Caihong gets tired of helping Han Qing (Yue Yien). But due to a mistake Han Qing makes a position in the old company of her husband Xia Feng and turns out to be excellent in her new job. By doing this, she becomes a stiff competitor for Caihong's other bestie Lili (Zhang Bojia) and it puts pressure on the friendship of the three ladies. While Caihong sees the choices that the people around her have made, she also makes her own decision that ultimately deserves the support of her family and friends.

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Man Actors: The Gravity of a Rainbow

Godfrey Gao as Ji Yun | Xuan Lu as He Cai Hong | Zhang Liang as Su Dong Lin

Co-Stars: The Gravity of a Rainbow

You Wei Lin as Xia Feng | Dawson Vivian as Qin Wei | Denny Huang as Su Dong Yu | Zhang Bai Jia as Guo Li Li | Xu Xi Yan as Guan Ye

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