Mr. Right 2020 我的男神 Synopsis & Cast

Plot synopsis and brief summary

"Mr. Right" (Chinese: 我的男神) is an upcoming Chinese drama series starring Ji Chang Wook (Wang Wei An), Sunny Wang (Yang Hai Yi), Andy Zhang (Zhang Wen He) and Zhang Ling (Zhi He Lian Na), the drama will air on Hunan TV
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Native Title 我的男神
Subtitle English
A.k.a Wo De Nan Shen, My Male God
Directors Sing Ming Ko
Screenwriters Lin Xi
Genres Romance, Business, Comedy
Country China
Episodes 36
Release Date 2020
Airs On -
Network Hunan TV
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Mr. Right

The drama tells the story of a working youth, Wang Wei An, who overnight becomes a second-generation chaebol, and Yang Hai Yi, the daughter of a wealthy family who went bankrupt and she becomes an ordinary girl . Both bicker a lot, but eventually fall in love. In the midst of a crisis, they overcome problems and find their true self, love, family and friendship.

Main Cast: Mr. Right

Ji Chang Wook Ji Chang Wook as Wang Wei An
Sunny Wang Sunny Wang as Yang Hai Yi
Andy Zhang Andy Zhang as Zhang Wen He
Zhang Ling Zhang Ling as Zhi He Lian Na

Supporting characters: Mr. Right

  • Kenny Chung as Wang Zhi Guo
  • Zang Hong Na as Yuan Fang


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