Never Twice 2019 두 번은 없다 Synopsis & Cast

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Never Twice 2019, 두 번은 없다, Synopsis, Cast

Never Twice 2019 (Korean Drama)

Native Title 두 번은 없다
Subtitle English
Alternative title No Second Chances, There Are No Two Times in Life,
No Second Time, Du Beon-eun Eobsda, Never Again
Directors Choi Won Seok
Screenwriters Goo Hyun Sook
Genres Romance
Country South Korea
Episodes 64
Release Date Nov 2-2019 - Jan 31-2020
Airs On Saturday
Network MBC
Duration 30 min.

Synopsis: Never Twice

No Second Chance tells the story of guests staying for a long time at "Paradise Inn", located in the Huam district in the Yongsan area. From the main space to the sixth room, all visitors are different in age, gender and even where they grew up.

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Main Actors: Never Twice

Yoon Yeo Jung as Bok Mak Rye | Kwak Dong Yeon as Na Hae Joon | Park Se Wan as Geum Bak Ha | Oh Ji Ho as Gam Poong Ki | Ye Ji Won as Bang Eun Ji

Co-Stars: Never Twice

Park Ah In as Na Hae Ri | Song Won Seok as Kim Woo Jae | Joo Hyun as Choi Geo Bok | Han Jin Hee as Na Wang Sam | Park Joon Geum as Do Do Hee | Jung Suk Yong as Choi Man Ho | Go Soo Hee as Yang Geum Hee | Hwang Young Hee as Oh In Sook

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