Sherlock 2019 Japanese drama Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

Sherlock 2019, Japanese drama, Synopsis, Cast, Trailer

Japanese Drama: Sherlock 2019

Native Title シャーロック
Subtitle English
Alternative title Sharokku
Directors Nishitani Hiroshi
Screenwriters Inoue Yumiko
Genres Mystery, Crime, Detective, Investigation
Country Japan
Episodes ?
Release Date Oct 7-2019 ?
Airs On Monday
Network Fuji TV
Duration 54 min.

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Synopsis: Sherlock

Sherlock is set in present-day Tokyo and works as a freelancer crime adviser. From an early age, Sherlock has been entranced by how people become offenders and in original sin. He is a genius, but he also has an impulse to commit crimes. Sherlock works on matters that interest him in requests from the police or client.

Meanwhile, Watson is a psychiatrist. He is smart and cool in the head. Because of a case, Watson becomes engaged with Sherlock. At first, Watson thinks Sherlock is ignorant and arrogant, but while they work together, Watson feels at ease with Sherlock.

Main Actors: Sherlock

Fujioka Dean

Fujioka Dean as Homare Shishio

Iwata Takanori

Iwata Takanori as akamiya Junichi

Co-Stars: Sherlock

Sasaki Kuranosuke as Eto Reiji | Goto Yutaro as Reo | Yamada Maho as Kogure Kumiko Watch "Sherlock 2019" Teaser

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