Welcome 2020 Korean drama Plot Synopsis and Cast

Welcome 2020, Korean drama, Plot, Synopsis, Cast

Korean Drama: Welcome 2020

Native Title 어서와
Subtitle English
Alternative title Man Who Toasts Bread, The Man Who Bakes Bread,
Sigppang Gubneun Namja, Man That Bakes Bread,
Man Who Bakes Bread, Come Here
Directors Ji Byung Hyun
Screenwriters Joo Hwa Mi
Genres Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Episodes 32
Release Date Mar 2-2020 - Apr 21-2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Network KBS2
Duration 35 min.

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Synopsis: Welcome

Hong Jo is a cat who masters the art of transformation in human form. He needs to turn into a person for his owner, and to stay by her side, he starts leading a double life.

Kim Sol Ah is a woman in her twenties. She loves people and tries to protect those she loves. That is why she attracts many feline people. Her father is like a Persian cat, her crush is like a Siamese cat, and others just worry her. Eventually she brings Hong Jo home, thinking he is a cat but ends up in a completely different situation.

Main Actors: Welcome

Myung Soo Kim (L)

Myung Soo Kim (L) as Hong Jo

Shin Ye Eun

Shin Ye Eun as Kim Sol Ah

Seo Ji Hoon

Seo Ji Hoon as Lee Jae Seon

Co-Stars: Welcome

Kang Hoon as Godu Sik

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