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The Fated General 2020 TV Series Synopsis & Cast

The Fated General 2020 (Chinese drama) 

Poster The Fated General 2020, Plot, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 霍去病
Subtitle English
Alternative title Huo Qu Bing, 大漠骠骑—霍去病
Screenwriters Wen Hao Jie
Genres Action, Adventure, Historical, Romance,
Wuxia, Fantasy, Supernatural
Country China
Episodes 92
Release Date 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: The Fated General 2020

The Fated General is a Chinese historical drama about the heroic performance of a general who has never lost a fight. He is Huo Qu Bing, He is Huo Qu Bing, the son of a hireling who eventually becomes a member of the royal family. Huo Qubing was born as the illegitimate son of a humble girl and accidentally became a member of the noble family. He seized the opportunity, practiced archery on horseback and turned into a young, brilliant and brave warrior. Because the northern border region of Han was repeatedly harassed by the northern tribe Xiong Nu, Emperor Wu decided to fight back for defense. 17-year-old Huo Qubing joined the army, made some surprising moves in the fight and was awarded the "Marquis of Champion". After his first victory, Huo led Han's elite army to fight against the Xiongnu tribe deep in the desert. He defeated five Xiongnu tribes in six days and made major military exploits, such as killing two Xiongnu princes Zhelan, Luhou and conquering many Xiongnu nobles. Especially in Prince Hunye's negotiating surrender, Huo only entered the enemy camp, returned the situation, and accepted the surrender, which showed his great courage and insights. He was greeted as "the God of the army". Eventually, Huo led the main forces of the Xiongnu army and, upon arrival in the Khentii Mountains, performed a series of rituals to symbolize Han's historic victory. His illustrious military successes protected the peace of generations on the northern border of the Han Empire.

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Main Cast: The Fated General

Zhang Ruo Yun as Huo Qu Bing | Rachel Mao as Zhen'E | Johnny Bai as Bo Li | Alan Yu as Li Gan

Co-Stars: The Fated General

Li Hong Yi as Zhao Po Nu | Xu Yue as Liu Hang | Wu Xiu Bo as Zhao Yan | Wu Cheng Xuan as Gao Bu Shi | Victor Huang as Emperor Wu of Han | Chai Wei as Fang Gu | Emily Chen as Wei Zi Fu | Xiu Qing as Guo Zhi | Karina Hai as Liu Ding Er | Hu Jun as Da Chan Yu | Yang Shuo as Hao Ming | Wang Xin Ran as Qin Shuo | Zheng He Hui Zi as Princess An Yi | Huang Tian Qi as Huo Qu Bing (Child) | Xia Tian as Gongsun He | Wang Wan Juan as Wei Zi Fu | Jiang Zhen Hao as Sang Yi | Du Yu Ming as Liu Zhu

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