Web Series: Dear Archimedes 2020 Synopsis & Cast

Dear Archimedes (2020) Chinese drama

Native Title 亲爱的阿基米德
Subtitle English
Alternative title Qin Ai De A Ji Mi De, My Dear Archimedes
Directors Silin Zhang
Screenwriters -
Genres Mystery, Romance, Detective
Country China
Episodes 30
Release Date 2020?
Airs On -
Network Youku, iQiyi
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Dear Archimedes

The story of a brilliant logician, Yan Su, who lives in a mysterious castle, isolated from the outside world. He works on solving inscrutable and complicated issues. One day Zhen Ai, a smart biologist, walks into his castle to help him solve a cryptic code.

Main Cast: Dear Archimedes

Chinese actor Oh Se Hun as Yan Su
Chinese actor Amelie Xu as Zhen Ai
Chinese actor Leo Yang

Supporting Cast: Dear Archimedes

Wang Zi Xuan | Leo Liang | Li Jiu Lin as Qi Mo


  1. does anyone know where I can watch this? I have looked everywhere online but I can't find any websites that I can watch it on


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