Forward Forever 2019 (Chinese drama) Synopsis & Cast

Forward Forever formerly known as Yan Shi Fan is a 58-episode Chinese drama series that tells the story of two young men from different walks of life who take the same path to help their country.It has been adapted from the comic book of the same name composed by Han Lu and star singer / on-screen characters Huang Zitao and Jackson Yi.

Chinese drama: Forward Forever 2019

Poster Forward Forever 2019, Chinese drama, Synopsis, Cast
Native Title 热血同行
Subtitle English
Alternative title Xin Qing Nian, 艳势番,
Yan Shi Fan Zhi Xin Qing Nian,
Re Xue Tong Xing, Re Xue Chuan Qi,
新青年, New Youth, 热血少年,
Yan Shi Fan,
Re Xue Shao Nian,
Brilliant Young People,
Legend of Youth, 热血传奇,
Directors Liu Yi Zhi
Screenwriters Jiang Da Qiao, Huang Shan Shan,
Liang Zhen Hua, Su Peng, Hu Ya Ting
Genres Action, Historical, Youth, War
Country China
Episodes 58
Release Date Dec 21, 2019 - Jan 21, 2020
Airs On Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday
Network BTV, Dragon TV, Youku, Mango TV
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Forward Forever

A story set in a period of great turmoil at the end of the Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China, following two passionate young people who devote their lives to their country. Through a series of events, Ah Yi (Jackson Yi) becomes friends with Chong Li Ming (Huang Zi Tao) who is a member of the Imperial Family. He is recruited to become a member of Yan Shi Fan, an extraordinary group of guards whose sole responsibility is to defend the palace. After countless tough and challenging tests, Ah Yi establishes a deep companionship with his teammates. Chong Li Ming also teaches the importance of friendship through repeated power struggles against the foreigners, the triads and the dirt of corruption that plagues the Qing Dynasty courts. The progress of history, however, causes Ah Yi and Chong Li Ming to develop divergent ideals and their friendship begins to crumble. Huang Zi Tao and Jackson Yi play double lead roles; Huang Zi Tao plays Chong Li Ming, a leader of one of the eight Banners or elite troops of the Qing army. But his other identity is the leader of a special royal organization (murder group), Yan Shi Fan, who protects the nation. Despite the modest background of Ah Yi, he encourages the boy to participate. Ah Yi is described as beautiful, quiet and cruel, with the potential to become a killing machine. A deep friendship develops among men as they go through difficulties and challenges, realize their ideals and desire to protect their homeland, and join the revolution.

Main Cast: Forward Forever

Z. Tao Z. Tao as Prince Chong Liming
Jackson Yi Jackson Yi as Ah
Hu Bing Qing Hu Bing Qing as Yu Chu
Miranda Ma Miranda Ma as Ma Li

Co-Stars: Forward Forever

Ning Xin Hua as Jiu Qing | Liu Yunas as Fang'er | Richards Wang as Wa Ge Na 'Wagner' | Cristy Guo as Xi Xian'er | Ren Luo Min as Mr. Su | June Wu as Yang Zen | Zhang Bin | Lin Zi Qing as Xiao Hong | Rimiko Li as Si San | Wang Zi Teng as Wen Gou | Wang Qing Xiang as Shen Liu (Ergun City) | Li Jian Yi as Old Ma Tou (Lamb restaurant owner) | Zhao Xiao Rui as Rui Zhen (Qing court minister) | He Peng as Lian'er | Li Jun Mo as Xiao Ke | Zhang Chun Nian as Dong Gong Gong | You Li Ping as Zhe Yu | Lin Dong Fu as Mr. Jin | Hu Ya Jie as Yang Ming | Liu Yuan as Ke Yan Xin | Ning Xiao Zhi as De Qi (Qing court minister)
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