Good Casting 2020 (Cast, Synopsis & Release date)

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Drama info: Good Casting 2020

South Korean actress
Native Title
굿 캐스팅
Alternative title
Miscasting, Miseukaeseuting, 미스 캐스팅, Gootkaeseuting, Miss Casting
Choi Young Hoon
Park Ji Ha
Action, Comedy, Crime, Investigation, Mystery
South Korea
Release Date
Apr/27/2020 - Jun/16/2020
Airs On
Monday & Tuesday
1 hr. 10 min.
Official trailer
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Synopsis: Good Casting 2020

The drama centers on once-talented female black agents (those who work in espionage and must keep a cover) for the National Intelligence Service (NIS) now attached to desk jobs. They have to go undercover with a company to debunk corruption and the leakage of trade secrets. Im Ye Eun is a single mother who is smart but struggles with her civil servant investigation due to her lack of coordination. She dreams of becoming an agent for the NOS while juggling work and raising her child.

Main Cast: Good Casting 2020

South Korean actress Choi Kang Hee Baek as Chan Mi / Baek Jang Mi
South Korean actress Yoo In Young as Im Ye Eun
South Korean actress Kim Ji Young as Hwang Mi Soon
South Korean actor Lee Sang Yeob as Yoon Seok Ho
South Korean actor JunKang as Woo Won
South Korean actor Lee Jong Hyuk as Dong Kwan Soo

Supporting characters: Good Casting 2020

Bae Jin Woong as Pi Cheol Woong || Anastasiia Sokolova as Barbara || Hwang Bo Mi as Gan Tae Hee || Woo Hyun as Myung Gye Cheol || Kang Ro Chae as Son So Ri || Jin Soo Hyun as Hyo Jin || Cha Soo Yeon as Shim Hwa Ran

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