Love is Sweet (2020) Cast, Synopsis & Release date

Love is Sweet 2020 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

Love is Sweet 2020
Poster Cast, Synopsis, Release date
Native Title 半是蜜糖半是伤
Subtitle English
Alternative title Ban shi mi tang ban shi shang, Half honey and half hurt
Directors Yu Zhong Zhong
Screenwriters Wang Wentong
Genres Life, Romance, Family, Friendship, Business
Country China
Episodes 36
Release Date Sep 27, 2020 / Oct 27, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Sunday
Network iQiyi
Duration 45 min.

Synopsis: Love is Sweet 2020

The story tells the story of a girl named Jiang Jun. The girl met her childhood friend Ma Yuanshuai in the workplace, but this time it was not an ally but an rival. Jiang Jun is an educated woman with a double degree in economics and psychology. Her parents raised her in a free way, which produced her strong, independent and idealistic character. After graduating from college, she started working for a non-profit organization to realize her dream of helping others. However, the sudden death of her father brought her to a crucial crossroads in her life. She decided to join the top investment company MH to realize her father's dying hope. Jiang Jun met her childhood friend Marshal Ma, but he was different from the gentle and caring protector she remembered. He is now her competitor at work. In addition, it seems that someone is conspiring against her. She must rely on her talent and will to succeed not only in her career, but also in love.

Main Cast: Love is Sweet 2020

Chinese actor Leo Luo as Yuan Shuai
Chinese actress Bai Lu as Jiang Jun
Chinese actress Shane Xiao as Xu Li

Supporting Cast

  • Zhao Yuan Yuan - Qiao Na (VP of MH / Jiang Jun's supervisor)
  • Ariel Ann - Linda (Executive Director of GD/ Du Lei's mentor)
  • Qi Yi - Shen Xin (Employee of MH)
  • Guan Zi Jing - Su Chang (Yuan Shuai's secretary)
  • Gong Hai Bin - Chen Yi Cheng
  • Ran Xu - Xiang Ding (Employee of MH)
  • Patrick Tang - Wan Shan
  • Hu Chun Yang - Jia Yuan Ji
  • Jerry Chang - Jiang Yao Ming
  • Yvon Rui - Zhu You Yi
  • Mei Nian Jia - Luo Sheng
  • Jian Yu Xi - Yuan Shuai (young)
  • Kevin Wang - Cao Heng
  • Cai Gang - CEO Jia
  • Lu Chen Yue - Jiang Jun (young)
  • Qin Yue - Liu Cui Ping
  • Yu Yao - Du Lei (young)
  • Wu Jia Yi - Lin Da (young)
  • Liu Ya Peng - CEO Qin
  • Judy Zhou - Miss Cheng
  • Jin Hui - Dong Qi
  • Han Shu Mei - Liu Dan
  • Gong Ze Xu - Secretary Bai
  • Yuan Yu Han - Tang Xin
  • Chen Guan Yi - Lu Yuan (Employee of MH)
  • Zhang Ke Wei - Li Xiang
  • Yetta Tse - Si Ling
  • Linda Zhang - Doctor Jiang
  • Deng Jing Hong - Wan Shan
  • Wu Jian - Chief Yin
  • Lei Peng Kun - Xiao Yu
  • Wang Yi Qing - Xin Xin
  • Tao Si Yuan - CEO Zhang
  • Wang Chen Shuo - Ma Xiu Ran (Employee of MH)

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