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Native Title 반도
Subtitle English
Alternative title Bando, Train to Busan 2
Directors Yeon Sang Ho
Genres Horror, Zombies
Country South Korea
Release Date Jul 15, 2020


'Peninsula' takes place 4 years after "Train to Busan" as the characters fight to get away the land in ruins because of an remarkable disaster.
after the zombie outbreak that devastated the Korean peninsula and revolved around survivors. Actor Gong Yoo was the star of the first movie and played a father who kills himself after being bitten by a zombie to protect his daughter. The sequel will be chaired by Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun. Train To Busan is considered the most successful zombie movie from South Korea. It attracted over 11.5 million moviegoers here and opened in more than 150 countries around the world.

Main Cast

South Korean Actor Kang Dong Won as Jung Suk
South Korean Actress Lee Jung Hyun as Min Jung
South Korean Actress Lee Re as Joon
South Korean Actor Kwon Hae Hyo as Kim Noh In
South Korean Actor Kim Min Jae
South Korean Actor Gu Gyo Hwan

Supporting characters

Kim Do Yoon || Kim Chul Yoon
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