Dinner Mate (Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary)

Plot synopsis and brief summary

Dinner Mate” (Hangul: 저녁같이 드실래요) is a 2020 Korean television series based on Park Shi In's webcomicJeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo?”. The series stars Song Seung Heon (Kim Hae Kyung), Seo Ji Hye (Woo Do Hee), Lee Ji Hoon (Jung Jae Hyuk) & Son Na Eun (Jin Noh Eul), Directed by Go Jae Hyun and written by Kim Joo. “Dinner Mate” aired on MBC’s Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:00 (KST) time slot from 4 May 2020 to 23 June 2020.
Poster Shall We Eat Dinner Together? (2020)
Dinner Mate (2020)
Native Title 저녁같이 드실래요
Subtitle English
Alternative title Would You Like to Have Dinner Together, Jeonyeok Kati Deusilraeyo,
Will You Have Dinner With Me, Shall We Eat Dinner Together?,
Let's Have Dinner Together
Directors Go Jae Hyun
Screenwriters Kim Joo
Genres Food, Romance, Melodrama
Country South Korea
Episodes 32
Release Date May 25, 2020 / Jul 14, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday,
Network MBC
Duration 35 min.

Synopsis: Dinner Mate

This drama is about a young lady going through a unpleasant breakup with an old companion she's still in love with, and a youngster who is a serial dater and a little tired of relationships. They both love to eat out, but don't like to go to nice restaurants alone, and they meet waiting to sit in a restaurant, each of them alone. The hostess mistakes them for a couple and offers them a special couple, prompting them to sit together and eventually dine together. After their first unexpected gathering, they meet and eat together weekly. That's how they form an unusual friendship where they gather to eat out, and during several dinners, they open up to each other about their relationship issues and get closer.

Main Cast: Dinner Mate

South Korean actor Song Seung Heon as Kim Hae Kyung
South Korean actress Seo Ji Hye as Woo Do Hee
South Korean actress Lee Ji Hoon as Jung Jae Hyuk
South Korean actress Son Na Eun as Jin Noh Eul

Supporting characters: Dinner Mate

Ye Ji Won as Nam Ah Young || Park Ho San as Keanu || Go Gyu Pil as Park Jin Gyu || Lee Hyun Jin as Kim Gun Woo || Kim Seo Kyung || Oh Hye Won as Im So Ra || Jeon Guk Hyang || Yoon Bok In || Ahn Tae Hwan as Kim Jung Hwan

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