Autumn Cicada (Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary)

Plot synopsis and brief summary

“Autumn Cicada” (Chinese: 秋蝉) is a 2020 Chinese web series starring Allen Ren (Ye Chong), Li Man (He Ying) He Du Juan (Jin Xiang) and Liu Huan (Chi Cheng). Directed by Fu Ning, Li Ang and written by Li Ang, Fu Ning. It aired on Hunan TV, ZJTV and iQiyi
Synopsis, Relaese date
Native Title
Qiu Chan, Cicadas of Autumn
Fu Ning, Li Ang
Li Ang, Fu Ning
Action, Historical, War
Release Date
May 4, 2020 / May 30, 2020
Airs On
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Hunan TV, ZJTV, iQiyi
45 min.

Synopsis: Autumn Cicada 2020

Our hero is a young man who comes out with patriotism and starts his career in Hong Kong, helping to establish a military base and an intelligence agency. To gather information about the Japanese, he goes by the name of Qiu Chan and with the two identities that conflict with the work and the people around him, he encounters many dangerous situations. When his identity is revealed, he is caught and interrogated in Japan, escaping only with the help of his true love. They are a group of young people who are willing to die for the bigger cause of their country and they keep fighting each other.

Main Cast: Autumn Cicada 2020

Autumn Cicada Allen Ren as Ye Chong
Autumn Cicada Li Man as He Ying
Autumn Cicada He Du Juan as Jin Xiang
Autumn Cicada Liu Huan as Chi Cheng

Supporting characters: Autumn Cicada 2020

Vicky Liang as Xue Ping || Liu Xue Yi Lin as Xiao Zhuang || Zhang Hanyu as Tan Xiang || Fu Fang Jun as Tang Feng || Wang Jin Song as Qing Quan Shangye || Joyce Jian as Qingquan Chunzi || Li Ting Zhe as Miyamoto || Yu Yong Hai as Yamamoto Kenji

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