“Daxi Make a Wish” Chinese Drama

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Daxi Make a Wish (Chinese Drama) Cast & Synopsis

"Daxi Make a Wish" (Chinese: Daxi Make a Wish) is an upcoming Chinese romance drama series starring Lin Yi (Gao Da Xi) and Landy Li (Dai Tian Le). It is based on the Ke Li's novel of the same name....

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Native Title 许个愿吧,大喜
Subtitle English
A.k.a Xu Ge Yuan Ba, great joy
Directors -
Screenwriters -
Genres Romance, Sci-Fi
Country China
Episodes 28
Release Date 2021 ?
Airs On -
Network -
Runtime 45 min.

Synopsis: Daxi Make a Wish

Gao Da Xi is a school troublemaker who accidentally meets a friendly and positive girl named Dai Tian Le. Despite their different personalities, they become good friends. However, Dai Tian Le's heart condition worsens and brings her to the brink of death, but a mysterious boy named Tian Xiao appears and gives Da Xi a wish. Dai Xi wished Dai Tian Le's well-being and it came true, but it also came at a cost to Da Xi. He was given a difficult task to complete. On this journey to complete the given task with Tian Xiao and Tian Le by his side, Da Xi matures as a person, ranging from a troublemaker to someone helping those around him. His dramatic transformation shows that desires and desires do not create change, it is people's motivation.

Main Cast: Daxi Make a Wish

    Daxi Make a Wish, cast, Starring
  • Lin Yi as Gao Da Xi
  • Daxi Make a Wish, cast, Starring
  • Landy Li as Dai Tian Le