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Synopsis: Sisyphus: The Myth 2021

Han Tae Sul, co-founder of Quantum and Time, is a genius engineer with the highest coding skills with a beautiful appearance that surpasses his engineering fashion sense. Thanks to its innovative achievements, Quantum and Time is a world-class company, dubbed the "Miracle of Korean engineering Industry". In fact, Tae Sul caused his company's shares to fluctuate continuously after the death of his brother ten years ago. One day, after witnessing the unbelievable truth about his brother's death, he embarks on a dangerous journey. Kang Seo Hae is a soldier who can swing from building to building, fighting massive men with his bare hands, shooting guns and installing explosives. With the survival skills she learned while living between gangs and warlords, she sets off on a dangerous path to find Han Tae Sul.

"Sisyphus: The Myth" (working title) (Korean: 시지프스; the myth) is an upcoming South Korean television series starring Jo Seung Woo and Park Park Shin Hye. directed by Jin Hyeok, The series aired on jTBC for 16 episodes.

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Native Title 시지프스:the myth
Subtitle English
A.k.a 시지프스: the myth, Sisyphus, Sijipeuseu, Sisyphus: The Fable
Directors Jin Hyeok
Screenwriters Jeon Chan Ho & Lee Je In
Genres Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country South Korea
Episodes 16
Release Date Feb 17, 2021 / Apr 8, 2021
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Network jTBC, Netflix
Runtime 70 min.

Main Cast: Sisyphus: The Myth 2021

Sisyphus: The Myth, Cast, Starring Jo Seung Woo - Han Tae Sul
Sisyphus: The Myth, Cast, Starring Park Shin Hye - Seo Hae
Sisyphus: The Myth, Cast, Starring Sung Dong Il - President Park

Supporting characters: Sisyphus: The Myth 2021

  • Tae In Ho - Eddie Kim
  • Chae Jong Hyeop - Sun / Choi Jae Sun
  • Jung Hye In - Kim Seo Jin
  • Jeon Gook Hwan - Kim Han Yong
  • Jo Suk Hyun - Ahn Jang Ri
  • Tae Won Seok - Yeo Bong Seon
  • Choi Jung Woo - Hwang Hyun Seung
  • Kim Jong Tae - Kang Dong Gi
  • Heo Jun Seok - Han Tae San (Tae Sul's brother)
  • Jung Ha Joon - Uhm Sun Ho
  • Go Yoon - Jung Hyun Ki
  • Lee Yeon Soo - Lee Eun Hee
  • Lee Myeong Ro - Uhm Sun Jae
  • Lee Shi Woo - Bing Bing

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