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Imperial Cuisine (C-Drama 2020) Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary

Plot synopsis and brief summary

Imperial Cuisine” (Chinese: 尚食) is an upcoming Chinese drama series starring Xu Kai (Lu Xing Qiao) and Bai Lu (Yao Zi Jin).“Imperial Cuisine” aired on Hunan TV. It's unclear when this series will air, but it'll either be in 2020 or 2021

Poster Imperial Cuisine poster
Native Title 尚食
Subtitle English
A.k.a Shang Shi
Genres Food, Romance
Country China
Release Date 2020
Airs On
Network Hunan TV

Synopsis: Imperial Cuisine 2020

The drama is set during the Ming Dynasty and revolves around the food office of the Imperial Palace. To house diplomatic corps and government agencies from all over the world, the Yong Le Emperor decides to recruit women with talent in cooking for the food agency. After a difficult selection, Yao Zi Jin manages to enter the food agency as a palace member. She meets Lu Xing Qiao, a former beggar, and Su Yue Hua, a genius cook. All three work together and encourage each other, come up with unique cuisines that incorporate Chinese medicine and also recreate old classic famous dishes. Yao Zi Jin is slowly working her way up in the food office while improving her craft. Finally, realizing the real meaning of 'food', she decides to give up the struggle to give up the function of 'Shang Shi', instead deciding to leave the palace and spread the beauty of Chinese cuisine to ordinary people .

Main Cast: Imperial Cuisine 2020

Imperial Cuisine 2020, Cast, Starring Xu Kai as Lu Xing Qiao
Imperial Cuisine 2020, Cast, Starring Wu Jin Yan

Supporting characters: Imperial Cuisine 2020

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