The World of Fantasy (Chinese drama 2021): Cast & summary

Basic information

The World of Fantasy” (Chinese: 灵域) is a 2020 Chinese Web Drama based on Ni Cang Tian's novel same name, Directed by Richard Leung Kok - koon, Jones Ma Wah - Kon and written by Guo Bao-xian, the series stars Fan Chengcheng as (Qin Lie) and Cheng Xiao (Ling Yu Shi), "The World of Fantasy" aired on iQiyi for 36 episode.

Poster Spirit Realm 2020 poster Spirit Realm 2020
Native Title 灵域
Subtitle English
A.k.a Spirit Realm, Spiritual Domain, Spiritual Realm, Ling Yu
Directors Richard Leung Kok - koon, Jones Ma Wah - Kon
Screenwriters Guo Bao-xian
Genres Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Country China
Episodes 36
Release Date Jan 9, 2021
End date Feb 8, 2021
Airs On Monday, Saturday, Sunday
Network iQiyi
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot synopsis and summary

Qin Lie, a young man with amnesia, is caught up in a conspiracy due to an accident. After going through all the hardships, he and Ling Yushi, his childhood sweetheart, gradually grew up in the realm of spirits. The story of a new journey. This passionate group of youth, in search of the truth of their life experiences and pursuing a higher power, continues to meet new mentors and friends and together defend the spiritual realm.

Main Cast: The World of Fantasy

Spirit Realm main lead role (Cheng Cheng) Adam Fan as Qin Lie
Spirit Realm main lead role Cheng Xiao as Ling Yu Shi
Spirit Realm main lead role Liu Yi Tong - Zhu Ting You

Supporting cast: The World of Fantasy

  • Ma Yue as Xie Jing Xuan
  • Nie Zi Hao as Du Shao Yang
  • Wang Yi Ming as Hua Yu Xin
  • Gia Ge as Ling Xuan Xuan

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