Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary

Plot synopsis and brief summary

"Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation" (Hangul: 번외수사) is a 2020 Korean television series. Directed by Kang Hyo Jin and written by Lee Yoo Jin, Jung Yoon Sun, the series stars Lee Sun Bin (Kang Moo Young), Jung Sang Hoon (Lee Ban Suk), Cha Tae Hyun (Jin Kang Ho), Yoon Gyung Ho (Teddy Jung) and Ji Seung Hyun (Tak Wo). "Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation" aired on OCN starting from May 23, 2020 till Jun 28, 2020

Cast, poster, details
Native Title
Beonoisoosa, Extra Investigation , Extraordinary Investigation
Kang Hyo Jin
Lee Yoo Jin & Jung Yoon Sun
Investigation, Action, Crime
South Korea
Release Date
May 23, 2020 / Jun 28, 2020
Airs On
Saturday & Sunday
1 hr.

Synopsis: Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation

Jin Kang-Ho (Cha Tae-Hyun) is an enthusiastic and effective detective. He tries to catch criminals in every possible way. He also cannot get along with other detectives. Kang Moo-Young (Lee Sun-Bin) is an enthusiastic PD of a TV research program. The program tries to catch criminals that the police couldn't. Kang Moo-Young is sincere, but she will take risks to reveal the truth. Jin Kang-Ho and Kang Moo-Young meet unexpectedly and they start working together on unresolved issues.

Main Cast: Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, Cast, starring

Cha Tae Hyun as Jin Kang Ho

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, Cast, starring

Lee Sun Bin as Kang Moo Young

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, Cast, starring

Jung Sang Hoon as Lee Ban Suk

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, Cast, starring

Yoon Gyung Ho as Teddy Jung

Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation, Cast, starring

Ji Seung Hyun as Tak Won

Supporting characters: Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation

Jang Jin Hee as Yeon Jang || Im Chul Hyung as Seo In Jae || Park Tae San as Maen Son || Park Jung Woo || Kim Gyung Shik || Jung Chan Bi as Lee Ga Eun

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