The Man is That Man (2020) Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary

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Plot synopsis and brief summary

Men Are Men (Korean: 놈이 그놈이다) is a 2020 South Korean television series directed by Choi Yoon Seok and written by Lee Eun Young, starring Yoon Hyun Min (Hwang Ji Woo), Hwang Jung Eum (Seo Hyun Joo), Seo Ji Hoon (Park Do Gyum) and Jo Woo Ri (Han Seo Yoon). It's broadcast on KBS2 every Monday & Tuesday from Jul 6, 2020 to Aug 25, 2020.

Poster The Man is That Man Poster
Native Title 놈이 그놈이다
Subtitle English
A.k.a To All Guys Who Loved Me, The Guy is That Guy, Nomi Geunomida, That Guy Is That Guy, He is him, They're All the Same
Directors Choi Yoon Seok
Screenwriters Lee Eun Young
Genres Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Episodes 32
Release Date Jul 6, 2020 / Aug 25, 2020
Airs On Monday & Tuesday
Network KBS2
Runtime 35 min.

Synopsis: Men Are Men 2020

This romantic comedy is about a woman who chooses to remain alone after being hurt by past relationships and a man who wants to change his relationship with this woman through love. The story combines the theme of a past life with realistic topics such as marriage and remaining unmarried.

Main Cast: Men Are Men 2020

Men Are Men, cast, poster Yoon Hyun Min as Hwang Ji Woo
Men Are Men, cast, poster Hwang Jung Eum as Seo Hyun Joo
Men Are Men, cast, poster Seo Ji Hoon as Park Do Gyum
Men Are Men, cast, poster Jo Woo Ri as Han Seo Yoon

Supporting characters: The Man is That Man 2020

Noh Susanna as Oh Young Eun || Seo Hyun Chul || Lee Hwang Ui ||

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