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The Search (Hangul: 써치) is a 2020 Korean television series.The series stars Jang Dong Yoon (Yong Dong Jin ) and Krystal (Son Ye Rim). “The Search” aired on OCN from Oct 17, 2020 to Nov 15, 2020 for 10 episodes
Poster Cast, Synopsis, Release date
Native Title 써치
Subtitle English
Alternative title Search, Sseochi
Directors Im Dae Woong
Screenwriters Goo Mo, Go Myung Joo
Genres Military, Thriller, Mystery
Country South Korea
Episodes 10
Release Date Oct 17, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020
Airs On Saturday, Sunday
Network OCN
Duration 60 min.

Synopsis: The Search 2020

Search is a survival story a few seek party that fights against monstrous creatures. It will emphasize the heartwarming bond between the search party members as they struggle to escape the demilitarized zone together. The story begins when a military dog handler who is only a month from his discharge date is seconded to the search party and meets a monster in the demilitarized zone.

Main Cast: The Search 2020

Korean Actor Jang Dong Yoon - Yong Dong Jin
Korean actress Krystal - Son Ye Rim
Korean actress Yoon Park - Song Min Gyu
Korean actress Lee Hyun Wook - Lee Joon Sung
Korean actress Moon Jung Hee - Kim Da Jung

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