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Dance of the Phoenix 2020

“Dance of the Phoenix” (Chinese: 且听凤鸣) is a 2020 Chinese web series based on Su Xiao Nuan's novel Godly Empress Doctor (神医凰后). Directed by Chan Ka Lam and written by Nan Yao, The series stars Yang Chao Yue (Feng Wu) and Xu Kai Cheng (Jun Lin Yuan), it'll premiere on Tencent Video for 30 episodes.

Dance of the Phoenix 2020 (Chinese drama) Cast & plot synopsis

Details of Dance of the Phoenix 2020
Official Poster Dance of the Phoenix poster
Original title 且听凤鸣
Subtitle English
A.k.a Qie Ting Feng Ming, Shen Yi Feng Hou, Doctor Phoenix, 神医凰后
Director Chan Ka Lam
Screenwriter Nan Yao
Genres Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 30
Release Date 2020?
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 minutes

Synopsis: Dance of the Phoenix

Feng Wu, once known as a talented girl, became a victim of conspiracy against her. A modern girl enters Feng Wu's body world and falls in love with Jun Linyuan. Due to the conspiracy and trickery of her rival Zuo Qing Yu, Feng Wu lost her true phoenix. Her teacher went all out to save Feng Wu and fell asleep. Meng Yuan is a family and student of Chinese medicine in the 21st century. She inadvertently entered the world of cultivating and became Feng Wu. At the same time, there seems to be no marital relationship between Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan. Meng Yuan, who made a living with Feng Wu, used her knowledge of Chinese medicine to protect those who are dear to her. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Dance of the Phoenix

Dance of the Phoenix Starring Yang Chao Yue as Feng Wu
Dance of the Phoenix Starring Xu Kai Cheng as Jun Lin Yuan

Supporting Character: Dance of the Phoenix

  • Estelle Chen as Yin Zhao Ge
  • Wang Hao Xuan as Yu Ming Ye
  • Cheng Mo as Mu Yao
  • Wang Ting as Feng Shu
  • Xing Wen Jie as Da Zhang Lao
  • Guo Cheng as Feng Xun
  • Gao Ji Cai as Xuan Yi

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