Midsummer is Full of Hearts 2020

“Midsummer is Full of Hearts” (Chinese: 仲夏满天心) is a Chinese web series remake of the Korean drama Full House, Directed by Zhang Lichuan, Starring Yang Chao Yue (Luo Tian Ran) and Timmy Xu (Jin Ze Yi), The filming of “Midsummer is Full of Hearts” took place in Wuxi

Midsummer is Full of Hearts 2020 (Chinese drama) Cast & plot synopsis

Midsummer is Full of Love
Official Poster Midsummer is Full of Hearts Poster
Native Title 仲夏满天心
Subtitle English
A.k.a Midsummer is Full of Love, Zhong Xia Man Tian Xin, Xin Dong Man Wu, Romantic full house, Heart full house
Director Zhang Lichuan
Screenwriter Xi Xiaoqin, Li Lisha, Jian Bai and Xin Xiaoyang
Genres Romance, Comedy
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Release Date Aug 28, 2020 / Oct 25, 2020
Airs On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 min.

Synopsis: Midsummer is Full of Hearts

A romantic comedy follows a budding musician who happens to meet a popular idol and is 'forced' to live together. Luo Tian Ran is a headstrong young woman with a high self-image. She dreams of becoming a composer despite being deaf. Through a chance meeting, she meets idol superstar Jin Ze Yi and they live under the same roof. Two different personalities living together lead to a series of funny situations, while a budding romance develops between the unlikely couple. Add new Synopsis

Main Character: Midsummer is Full of Hearts

Midsummer is Full of Hearts starring Yang Chao Yue as Luo Tian Ran
Midsummer is Full of Hearts starring Timmy Xu as Jin Ze Yi

Supporting Cast: Midsummer is Full of Hearts

  • Leo Li as Yun Shu
  • Kira Shi as Tiffany
  • Jiang Zi Xin as Jin Xiao Qin
  • Tiffany Zhong as Meng Meng
  • Crawdia Chou

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