My Girl (Drama 2020)

“My Girl” (Chinese: 99分女朋友) is a 2020 Chinese web series directed by Zhong Qing and written by Nan Zhen, the series stars Zhao Yi Qin (Shen Yi) and Li Jia Qi (Meng Xing), My Girl premiere on Youku.

My Girl 2020 (Chinese drama) Cast & plot synopsis

Details: My Girl
Official Poster My Girl Poster
Original title 99分女朋友
Subtitle English
A.k.a 99 Fen Nu You, 99 points girlfriend, 99 Cent Girlfriends
Director Zhong Qing
Screenwriter Nan Zhen
Genres Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 24
Release Date Jun 17, 2020 / Jul 9, 2020
Airs On Wednesday, Thursday
Broadcast Channel Youku
Runtime 45 min.

Synopsis: My Girl

"My Girl" tells the story of healing scars with love between scarred makeup artist Meng An and Shen Yi is most stingy CEO of all time. In the play, Pu, who plays the psychologist A Tao, has an outgoing and optimistic personality, has an infectious nature, and adheres to the belief that "the problems that can be solved with fists are not problems." Edit Synopsis

Main Character: My Girl

My Girl Starring Zhao Yi Qin as Shen Yi / Zeng Jue
My Girl Starring Nicky Li as Meng Hui
My Girl Starring Pu Tao as Ah Tao
My Girl Starring Fan Zhi Xin as Sui An
My Girl Starring Arthur Su as Jiang Jiang
My Girl Starring He Mei Xuan as Wei Lei

Supporting Character: My Girl

  • Pu Tao as A Tao
  • Fan Zhi Xin as Sui An
  • He Mei Xuan as Wei Lei
  • Arthur Su as Jiang Jiang

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