Road to Rebirth 2021

Road to Rebirth (Chinese drama) Cast & Synopsis

“Road to Rebirth” (Chinese: 爱在星空下) is a 2021 Upcoming Chinese television series starring Jerry Jia (Su Xing), Ivy Chen (Sun Xiao Ai) and Ran Xu (Ye Lang), It will premiere on ZJTV.

Road to Rebirth (Chinese drama)
Official Poster Romance With the Star 2020 poster
Original title 爱在星空下
Type Chinese Drama
Subtitle English
A.k.a Romance With the Star, Ai Zai Xing Kong Xia, Road to Rebirth
Director Chen Chang
Screenwriter Liang Zhen Hua
Genres Romance
Country China
Total Episodes 46
Release Date Mar 17, 2021
End Date Apr 12, 2021
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel ZJTV
Runtime 45 minutes
Where to Watch Road to Rebirth with English Subtitles
YoYo English Channel

Synopsis: Road to Rebirth

A story between a celebrity and a neighborhood girl, the latter becomes his manager, Due to his cousin, Sun Xi ai was forced to accept the job and became the private maid of popular star Su Xing. After spending time together day by day, Sun Xiao Ai discovered Su Xing's side, which no one knew-he helped the children go to school, contacted the sick fans, and was willing to be infamous for protecting his sister. Sun Xiao Ai found that he fell in love with Su Xing. Even if his star was in the limelight, he chose to stay with him. Su Xing and his new manager Xiao Ai decided to make a comeback in the industry. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Road to Rebirth

    Romance With the Star starring
  • Jerry Jia as Su Xing
  • Romance With the Star starring
  • Ivy Chen as Sun Xiao Ai
  • Romance With the Star starring
  • Ran Xu as Ye Lang

Supporting Character: Road to Rebirth

  • Wang Jing Yan as Liang Yu Xuan
  • Li Yi Xiao as Min Na
  • Chen Xiao Yun as Zhu Li
  • Fu Meng Bo as Qi Yue

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