Something Just Like This (Chinese Drama 2020)

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Something Just Like This (Chinese drama)
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Native Title 青春创世纪
Subtitle English
A.k.a We Are Young, Qing Chun Chuang Shi Ji, Youth Genesis
Director Chen Feihong
Screenwriter Yao Fu, Xiaojuan Lv, Zhichao Wang
Genres Business, Romance, Youth
Country China
Total Episodes 47
Release Date Nov 8, 2020 / Dec 3, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Broadcast Channel QIYI, Tencent, Youku, Mango TV
Runtime 45 minutes

Synopsis: Something Just Like This

"We Are Young" tells the story is about Qian Xixi, who has been boarding at a wealthy Duan Yan family since she was a child and grew up with her childhood sweetheart. Later, Duan Yan entered the e-commerce broadcasting industry and became Qian Xixi's boss, the arrogant Duan Yan found the industry complex after contact, but Qian Xixi's high school classmate Jiang Zheyang appeared to save the company, many adversities, staged a young man for the career to achieve the Chinese dream story.

When he first entered society, he was always a lover of money, but he didn't realize that he had run up a lot of debts to help his friends with their money. Qian Xixi entered the anchor agency as an assistant in order to get rid of the tangle of the debtor, Duan Yan. But her optimism and decisiveness have led to the mad pursuit of her boss. Duan ignited his jealousy and used entrepreneurship as an excuse to buy the company and become Qian Xixi's new boss. Duan Yan has always taken pleasure in bullying Qian Xixi on the surface, but in private, he has always cleared all obstacles for her.

Qian Xixi is focused on getting involved in the Internet entrepreneurship wave, but she doesn't want to meet the big star Jiang Zheyang by accident. Jiang Zhenyang, her high school crush, unexpectedly learns that he likes her too, and Jiang's presence causes Duan Yan to rebound. At this time, the Internet is at the tip of the wind and waves, Qian Xixi, while emotionally tied, also encountered many career difficulties and challenges. But she never gave up, and eventually found happiness that belonged to her, and a career that belonged to her. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Something Just Like This

We Are Young starring Johnny Huang as Duan Ran
We Are Young starring Wu Jin Yan as Qian Xi Xi

Supporting Character: Something Just Like This

  • Lulu Xuan as Zhang Jiayun
  • Cao Yu Chen as Jiang Zheyang
  • Wang Mao Lei as Yu Shi
  • David Liang as Chen Lang
  • Xu Li as Ou Yang Mei Xuan
  • Joy Wang
  • Ma Qian Qian

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