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Hong Chun Gi (Drama 2020)

The drama is adapted from the novel of Jung Eun-gwol (author of "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" and "Moon Embracing the Sun").

Hong Chun Gi 2020 (Korean drama) Cast & plot synopsis

Hong Chun Gi
Poster Hong Chun Gi Poster
Original title 홍천기
Subtitle English
A.k.a Hongcheongi
Director Jang Tae Yoo
Screenwriter -
Genres Historical, Romance, Fantasy
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 16
Release Date Oct 2, 2020 / Nov 21, 2020
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel SBS
Runtime 60 minutes

Synopsis: Hong Chun Gi

Hong Chun Gi is the only female painter in Joseon who has entered the palace and shared the love line with blind astronomers and art lovers Anpyeong. Hong Chun Gi’s mother once prayed to heaven to marry her daughter to the suitor. One day, when a very beautiful young man fell from the sky in front of her, she believed he was sent from heaven just for her . The young man named Ha Ram was almost blind due to an accident during the raining ceremony and could only see red. He served as an astronomer in the palace. After meeting with Hong Chun Gi, he found that his eyes had a bigger mystery. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Hong Chun Gi

Hong Chun Gi starring Ahn Hyo Seop as Ha Ram

Supporting Cast: Hong Chun Gi

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