Kairos (Drama 2020) Cast & Summary

"Kairos" is a fantasy thriller drama, Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), a man a month after his young daughter was kidnapped and in despair, and Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), a woman a month ago who has to find her missing mother.

Kairos 2020 (Korean drama) Cast & plot synopsis

Kairos 2020
Official Poster Kairos poster
Original title 카이로스
Subtitle English
A.k.a kailoseu, kairoseu, Kaeros
Director Park Seung Woo
Screenwriter Lee Soo Hyun
Genres Thriller, Fantasy, Romance
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 32
Release Date Oct 26, 2020 / Dec 15, 2020
Airs On Monday, Tuesday
Broadcast Channel MBC
Runtime 35 minutes

Synopsis: Kairos

Kim Seo Jin is a man who only strives for success. Because of his efforts, he is the youngest executive in the company. His beautiful violinist wife Kang Hyun-Chae and a daughter live a perfect life. When his little daughter was kidnapped, his good life ceased. He fell into despair. To change the past, when his daughter was kidnapped, he contacted Han Ae-Ri about the past month. Han Ae Ri is busy studying and doing a part-time job to earn enough money to pay for the surgery of her sick mother. One day, her mother suddenly disappeared. When future Kim Seo Jin contacts her, Han Ae Ri feels desperate. Edit Synopsis

Main Character: Kairos

Kairos starring Shin Sung Rok as Kim Seo Jin
Kairos starring Lee Se Young as Han Ae Ri
Kairos starring Ahn Bo Hyun as Seo Do Gyun
Kairos starring Nam Gyu Ri as Kang Hyun Chae

Supporting Cast: Kairos

  • Kang Seung Yoon as Im Geon Wook
  • Jo Dong In as Lee Taek Kyu
  • Lee Joo Myung

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