Ongoing Korean drama List 2021

Here is the list of Ongoing Korean dramas in 2021

For K-drama fans, the coming year will be filled with joy thanks to the new series of Korean dramas in. Several Korean dramas are initially scheduled to air in the year. The filming schedule has been interrupted for us in 2020, but the good news is that we will finally get to see these new Korean dramas in.

  1. Amanza
  2. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol
  3. Do You Like Brahms?
  4. Homemade Love Story
  5. Let Me Off The Earth
  6. Lie After Lie
  7. Lonely Enough to Love
  8. Love Revolution
  9. LOVE-Imong
  10. Missing: The Other Side
  11. Mom Has an Affair
  12. More Than Friends
  13. My Dangerous Wife
  14. My Mukbang Diary
  15. My Wonderful Life
  16. Private Lives
  17. Record of Youth
  18. Sugar Coating
  19. Tale of the Nine-Tailed
  20. The Police
  21. Twenty-Twenty
  22. Wannabe U
  23. When I Was the Most Beautiful
  24. Zombie Detective
Last modified on: 24/09/2020

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