My Engineer 2 (2022)

My Engineer 2 Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

"My Engineer 2" is one of the few programs targeting the LGBTQ community. The show focuses on the love story of four couples, showing the different aspects of each couple and the journey with friends and relatives, how their feelings gradually develop. A lot of things happened in the first season, here are the details: In the ending of the first season, the boss and Meike officially announced that at the end of the first season, they should disclose their relationship with each other. It won’t fall for Frong’s good intentions, so in the second season, we may witness them gradually falling in love. On the other hand, Kim also admitted his feelings for Ram in the finale of Season 1. In Season 2, we may witness them finally accept each other and form a couple. Finally, in Season 2, we will witness Bohn and Deun's love relationship also moving in their own direction, and finally accept each other.

My Engineer 2 (Tv Series)
Official Poster My Engineer 2 Poster
Original title มีช็อป มีเกียร์ มีเมียรึยังวะ
Type Thai Drama, BL Drama, Adapted From A Novel
Subtitle English
A.k.a My Engineer season 2
Director Lit Samajarn
Screenwriter -
Genres Romance, School
Country Thailand
Total Episodes 14
Release Date 2022
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel -
Runtime 50 minutes

My Engineer 2 Plot Summary

BohnDeun. Part 2 will see the evolution of Bohn and Deun's relationship as they navigate their Tom and Jerry relationship.

RamKing. After season 1 ends with King drunkenly confessing his feelings to Ram, this season will contain the process of dealing with their feelings and finally getting to each other.

TharaFrong. Frong begins to fall in love with Thara at the end of season 1. However, the nurturing and kind Thara still cannot determine that his kindness to Frong is not merely, and so this season. will show that the couple will slowly fall back in love.

MekBoss. Season 1 ended with Boss picking Mek and officially reuniting them in front of everyone. Season 2 will show us the next thing in her love story. Edit Synopsis

My Engineer 2 Cast and Characters

    My Engineer 2 Starring
  • Lay Talay Sanguandikun as King
  • My Engineer 2 Starring
  • Perth Nakhun Screaigh as Ram
  • My Engineer 2 Starring
  • MD Nutthapong Phibunthanakiet as Dr. Thara
  • My Engineer 2 Starring
  • Shane Nutchapol Cheevapanyaroj as Frong
  • My Engineer 2 Starring
  • Poy Kritsanapong as Duen
  • My Engineer 2 Starring
  • Cooper Patpasit Na Songkhla as Bohn
  • My Engineer 2 Starring
  • Inntouch Naphat as Boss

Supporting Cast

  • Rice Natid Kaveekornwong as Tang
  • Nam Kankulnut Ting as Ting
  • Sosave Atchari Siriboonphiphatana as Tee
  • Toto Supatad Pongchaipoom as Phu
  • Beer Rapeewish Sangiamwong as Win (Guest Role)
  • Ko Thanyadit Thanatnat as First (Guest Role)
  • Boom Jiratpisit Jaravijit (Guest Role)

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  1. i'm waiting for this drama. I love it the characters. It's so sweet.

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