Squid Games (Web Series)

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Squid Games (Drama Info)

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Original title 오징어 게임
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Squid Game, Ojingeo geim, Round Six
Director Hwang Dong Hyuk
Screenwriter Hwang Dong Hyuk
Genres Thriller, Mystery
Country South Korea
Total Episodes 9
Release Date Sep 17, 2021
Airs On Friday
Broadcast Channel Netflix
Runtime 60 min.

Squid Games (Synopsis)

"Squid Game" depicts a story of people who decide to become players of a mysterious survival game that has a huge $40 million prize pool. Ki Hoon, seems to be defeated by life after being fired from his job. He decided to join the survival game to win the bonus. Sang Woo, is Ki Hoon's childhood friend and he also joins the game when he gets into trouble at work even though he worked hard to get where he is now.

"Squid Game" is the name of a street game that Ki Hoon and Sang Woo played together as children. This is a physics game that only ends when there is a final winner, like the survival game they play now. It is so named because the player has to draw different geometric shapes on the ground, overall, they look like a squid. Edit Synopsis

Squid Games (Main Cast)

    Squid Games Starring
  • Lee Jung Jae as Ki Hoon
  • Squid Games Starring
  • Park Hae Soo as Sang Woo
  • Squid Games Starring
  • Jung Ho Yeon as (Kang Sae Byeok) No. 067
  • Squid Games Starring
  • Wi Ha Joon as Joon Ho

  • Lee Byung Hun
  • Lee Ji Ha
  • Kim Yeon Ung - Seong Ki Hoon
  • Kim Young Ok - Ki Hoon's mother

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