Squid Games (Drama 2020)

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Squid Games 2020 (Korean drama) Details & Summary

Squid Games
Poster  Squid Games Poster
Original title 오징어 게임
Subtitle English
A.k.a The Squid Game, Ojingeo geim, Round Six
Director Hwang Dong Hyuk
Screenwriter Hwang Dong Hyuk
Genres Thriller, Mystery
Country South Korea
Total Episodes -
Release Date Dec, 2020
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Netflix
Runtime -

Plot Synopsis

It is a story that happens when people who live as losers of their lives participate in a mysterious survival game that costs 10 billion won in prize money. The squid game, the title of the drama, is a popular game until the early 1980s, when attackers and defenders confront each other on a squid-shaped circle, triangle, and square figure. Attention is focusing on how the alley game, which wins if an attacker breaks through defense interference and enters a circle that corresponds to a squid head, or if a defender collapses an attacker, will have a connection with the work Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     Squid Games Starring
  • Lee Jung Jae as Ki Hoon
  •  Squid Games Starring
  • Park Hae Soo as Sang Woo
  •  Squid Games Starring
  • Heo Sung Tae
  •  Squid Games Starring
  • Wi Ha Joon

Supporting Cast

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