The Moon Brightens For You (Drama 2020)

The Moon Brightens For You Drama Cast, Summary & Release date

The Moon Brightens For You (Web Series)
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Original title 明月曾照江东寒
Subtitle English
A.k.a Ming Yue Zeng Zhao Jiang Dong Han, The Moon Bright For You
Director Allen Lan
Screenwriter Ding Mo
Genres Martial Arts, Adventure, Historical, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Wuxia
Country China
Total Episodes 36
Release Date Oct 6, 2020 / Oct 29, 2020
Airs On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Broadcast Channel iQiyi
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot Synopsis

Adapted from Ding Mo's novel of the same name

Strange and unconventional, Zhan Qinghong grew up well enough. But she never shares the dream that her colleagues are most valuable. While the other girls had dreamed of getting married well, Qinghong had only one thing: being a great martial artist. Ready to turn her dreams into reality, Qinghong enters the world of martial arts with innocence and insatiable curiosity. Unfortunately, she soon realized that the world she had long believed to be the world of righteousness and honor was controlled by an evil traitor. Determined to transform the world of fighting, Qinghong relied on her intelligence and stubbornness to bring about change. But this work proved to be both difficult and dangerous. Realizing that the path she chose could betray her journey alone, Qinghong never doubted that Junan City's famous playboy would come alongside her in her mission. But when fate brought them together, that was what Lin Fang did. Using his reputation as a sickly noble and penchant for wooing women to cover up darker motives, Lin Fang had one goal in life, that was to take revenge on his clan. After meeting Qinghong, Lin Fang's hardened heart began to soften, and he found himself fascinated by a charm she had never imagined. Reluctant to let Qinghong fight her battle alone, Lin Fang decided, and together, on a daunting task of reform and rebuilding the martial arts world from the very beginning. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

 The Moon Brightens For You Starring Alan Yu - Lin Fang
 The Moon Brightens For You Starring Fair Xing - Zhan Qing Hong
 The Moon Brightens For You cast Yalkun Merxat - Wen You
 The Moon Brightens For You lead role Ma Yue - Hua Tao

Supporting Cast

  • Zhang Kai Tai - Huo Yang
  • Huang Hai Bing - Zhan Po Zhan (Sect Leader Tang)
  • Zhang Yan Yan - Su Qian Hong (Madame Tang)
  • Chunyu Shan Shan - Zhong Bu Ming
  • Kent Tong - Wang Dun
  • Ma Xi Er - Xiao Lan
  • Yan Su - Feng Bu Fei
  • Lan Man Yu - Wen Rou
  • Zheng Fan Xing - Qiu An
  • Zhang Yi Wen - Second Senior Brother
  • Yang Chao Wei - Zheng Zong
  • Liu Zhan Ku - Bai Hu General
  • Su Jian Quan - Xia Hou Ying
  • Liu Bo Xiao - Gu Yue
  • Zhang Xue Han - Yan Zhi
  • Li Xin Ze - Gu Yan
  • Zhou Yan - Yuan Neng

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