Twilight of the Empire (Drama 2021)

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Twilight of the Empire (Drama Info)

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Original title 帝国黄昏
Type Chinese Drama, Tv Series, Historical Fiction
Subtitle English
A.k.a Imperial Twilight, 帝国黄昏
Director Hu Mei
Screenwriter Xue Er
Genres Historical
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast On -
Runtime 45 min.

Twilight of the Empire (Synopsis)

He is a elegant king of Qing Dynasty, but he is buried in the world. He was called Yi Xin, the sixth son of the emperor. She is a beautiful lady with blue flag. She was involved in a terrible palace plot because she was in the treacherous inner palace of Boyun, and she began her extraordinary life. She was called Xige. They met in the era of national crisis and dispute over the retention of monarch. They met each other because of a great conspiracy brewing behind the signing of the Nanjing Treaty between China and Britain. Their love was derived from that turbulent war era. Their fate was closely linked with the invasion of foreign enemies and the dispute between the imperial court. At first, Xige just became Yixin's close maid because of a conspiracy in the palace, and then four elder brothers gave a clever plan to make himself a reserve prince, that is, later emperor Xianfeng, while six elder brothers were promoted to Prince Gong, and Xige became the side blessing Jin of six elder brothers. At the time of the national disaster, she was as wise as she knew Prince Gong's ambition, so she mediated between emperor Xianfeng and Prince Gong to seek an important position for Prince Gong to preside over the military affairs office. It's only a matter of fact that the imperial concubine misinformed the imperial edict when she asked for the title, which led to the dismissal of Prince Gong.Edit Synopsis

Twilight of the Empire (Main Cast)

     Twilight of the Empire Starring
  • Chen Xiao as Yi Xin
  •  Twilight of the Empire Starring
  • Lin Peng as Xi Ge

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