TV Series: My Dear Guardian (Cast & Summary)

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My Dear Guardian 2021 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

My Dear Guardian
Official Poster  My Dear Guardian Poster
Original title 亲爱的戎装
Subtitle English
A.k.a Dear Uniform, Qin Ai De Rong Zhuang, Dear Military Uniform, 军装下的绕指柔, Jun Zhuang Xia De Rao Zhi Rou
Director Tianyi Ji
Screenplay Xiaoying You
Genres Romance, Military
Country China
Total Episodes 45
Release Date Mar 12, 2021
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel iQiyi, Mango TV
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot Synopsis

The TV drama "Dear Uniform" is based on the novel "Jun Zhuang Xia De Rao Zhi Rou" by Zhe Zhi Ma Yi, The story is about the career of a soldier, focusing on two kinds of special forces soldiers and military doctors. which portrays the military image of Liang Ze Mu, the main character, from a new perspective. Together with military doctor Xia Chu, he pursues his ideal, fulfills his duty and mission as a soldier, and harvests a love that has survived life and death.

Scientist Xia Guangyuan's daughter, Xia Chu (Li Qin), insists on interning at a military hospital after graduating from medical school, and on her first arrival at the In a counter-hijacking battle in a shopping mall, Liang Ze Mu (Johnny Huang), a major officer in the military's Special Brigade, makes an unlikely connection. The leader of the drug cartel, "Master", is driven by profit and sends his man Pei Yu to plot against Xia Guangyuan. Pei Yu poses as his twin brother Zhuo Ran, and takes the identity of Xia Chu's first boyfriend, appearing beside Liang Ze Mu and Xia Chu, creating a series of incidents... The first thing that happens is that In the process of facing these difficult events together, Liang Ze Mu and Hsiachu appreciate each other and grow to love each other, but are faced with the fact that their elders "can't fall in love". The warning of the "special forces" and the return of the first love "boyfriend" love offensive, the two people have a rocky road. In the end, Liang Ze Mu and the forces behind him worked together to uncover the plot of the fake "Zhuo Ran" and wipe out the "Master" gang. , Liang Ze Mu and Xia Chu also gained a happy love. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     My Dear Guardian Starring
  • Johnny Huang as Liang Ze Mu
  •  My Dear Guardian Starring
  • Li Qin as Xia Chu
  •  My Dear Guardian Starring
  • Nie Zi Hao as Zhuo Ran
  •  My Dear Guardian Starring
  • Yang Tong Shu as Mi Gu

Supporting Cast

  • Liu Xiao Jie as Chen Meng Zhen
  • Fu Cheng Peng as Rao Feng
  • Han Hao Lin as Luo Xiao Jun
  • Jiang Yuan as Liang Shao Xue
  • Yu Yue as Xiao Teng
  • Fei Li Qi as Li Lie
  • Zhao Xun as Tian Yong
  • Oho Ou as Luo Liang
  • Yang Shu as Mi Gu
  • Xu Hong Jie as Zhang Yi Chi
  • Xiong Rui Ling