The Ordinary Glory (Cast & Summary)

The Ordinary Glory 2020 (Chinese drama) Details & Summary

The Ordinary Glory
Official Poster  The Ordinary Glory Poster
Original title 平凡的荣耀
Subtitle English
A.k.a PingFanDeRongYao, Trust
Director Lü Xing
Screenwriter -
Genres Business, Life
Country China
Total Episodes 42
Release Date Sep 4, 2020 / Sep 27, 2020
Airs On Sunday to Saturday
Broadcast Channel ZJTV, Dragon TV
Runtime 45 minutes

Plot Synopsis

This is a office drama, following a manager who was circulated repeatedly to promote and his new intern. They work hard to make it a success in Shanghai’s financial sector. As the manager of a financial company, Wu Kezhi has a keen eye for investment, but his advantages are easily overshadowed by obvious disadvantages. Because of his strong personality, Wu Kezhi neither learned how to climb the company ladder nor learned to be one with his boss. As a result, he did not receive the support of the company and reached a stable period in his career. Suddenly, a new intern named Sun Yiqiu was assigned to his department. Sun Yiqiu has no educational background and no experience in making up. Wu Kezhi initially rejected the idea of being trapped by an intern, but at a critical moment, Sun Yiqiu persuaded an important client to stay. Sun Yiqiu had the opportunity to complete the trial period, and an unforgettable story between the mentor and the intern began. Edit Synopsis

Main Character

     The Ordinary Glory Starring
  • Bridgette Qiao as An QianYi
  •  The Ordinary Glory Starring
  • Bai Jing Ting as Sun Yi Qiu
  •  The Ordinary Glory Starring
  • Wei Da Xun as Hao Shuai
  •  The Ordinary Glory Starring
  • Mark Chao as Wu Ke Zhi
  •  The Ordinary Glory Starring
  • Pang Han Chen as Gao Si Cong
  •  The Ordinary Glory Starring
  • Zuo Xiao Qing as Yu Wen Li

Supporting Cast

  • Liu Chang as Jiang Nan
  • Xiang Hao as Li Xiao Xian
  • Zhang Zi Xian as Jin Yu Ming
  • Huo Zheng Yan as Ding Li Bo
  • Hao Ping Qu as Zhong Hui
  • Meng Xiang Liang as Xie Ying
  • Zhao Lei as Li Chao

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