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Winner is King (Chinese: 烽火流金) is a Chinese web series starring Chen Zhe Yuan, Tan Jian Ci, Li Hong Yi and Sun An Ke. It is based on the novel 'Sha Po Lang' by Priest.

Winner is King 烽火流金 (2023)
Official Poster Winner is King Poster
Also Known As (AKA) Kill the Wolves, Sha Po Lang, Feng Huo Liu Jin, 杀破狼
Director Zhou Yuan Zhou
Writer Priest
Genres Historical, Action, Political, War
Country China
Total Episodes 40
Release Date 2023
Airs On -
Broadcast Channel Tencent Video
Runtime 45 minutes

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Winner is King Plot Summary

During the period of the Liang Dynasty, the Northern Xuan Kingdom received a short probation after the war. Chang Geng, who lives in a small town, was attacked by a pack of wolves during his outing, but was rescued by Shen Shiliu. In return for his kindness, Chang Geng admitted that he was his adoptive father. The enemy Sirius tribe is waiting for an opportunity to invade and wage war. At a critical moment, Chang Geng discovered that he was the fourth prince of Bei Xuan, and Shen Shiliu was the commander of Xuan Tiejun Gu Yun. Gu Yun defeated the Sirius tribe and escorted Chang Geng to the capital.

When the current Emperor Beixuan passed away, Li Feng assumed the throne. But his foundation is still unstable. The ambitious Crown Prince Wei is watching his throne as an opportunity to create a crisis. Li Feng was helpless to Gu Yun's military power and sent Gu Yun to guard the boarders. Chang Geng also chose to join the Linzhou Court and travel and experience life with court experts around the world.

A few years later, he grew into a talent with ambition and ability to govern. At this time, Bei Xuan faced internal and external problems. Chang Geng returned to the capital and used his knowledge and newly discovered skills to help the emperor consolidate his dominance. However, issues such as the rebellion of internal court officials, the assassination of Li Feng and Jiang Nan, and attacks by foreign forces continued to flow in. Finally, Chang Geng successfully ascended the throne and resurrected Beibei, realizing his vision for world peace.Edit Synopsis

Winner is King Cast and Characters

  • Chen Zhe Yuan as Chang Geng Chen Zhe Yuan as Chang Geng
  • Li Hong Yi as Shen Yi Li Hong Yi as Shen Yi
  • Tan Jian Ci as Gu Yun Tan Jian Ci as Gu Yun
  • Sun An Ke as Chen Qing Xu Sun An Ke as Chen Qing Xu

Supporting cast

  • Leo Dong as Ge Chen / Ge Pang Xiao
  • Song Ji Yang as Cao Niang Zi / Cao Chun Hua
  • Yu Cheng En as Liao Ran
  • Li Jun Chen as Li Feng
  • Ding Ye as Prince Wei
  • Hugo Ng as Zhang Feng Han
  • Li Qing as Fang Qin
  • Liu Jun as Emperor Yuan He
  • Leng Hai as Ming Jiang Chong
  • Yang Ting Dong as Mr. Ya
  • Gao Jian as Tan Hong Fei
  • Zhu Hui as Wang Guo
  • Shen Bao as Ping Zhu Fu
  • Wang Hui Chun as Duke Jia Si
  • Xiu Qing as Liao Chi
  • Chen Kai as Huang Qiao
  • Kid Young as Jia Lai Rong Huo
  • Huang Zi as Heng Xiao Jia
  • Wang Li as Xu Bai Hu
  • Gao Yu Yang as Ge Chen / Ge Pang Xiao
  • Xiao Tian Ren as Chang Geng
  • Zhang Yu Cheng as Xiao Song
  • Miao Hao Jun as Yao Zhen
  • Wang Yi Lin as Fang Zhao
  • Zhang Jun as An Penga
  • Lin Li Xin as Miss Fang
  • Wu Yong Gan as Uncle Wang
  • Huai Yuan as Uncle Wang
  • Yue Yao Li as Du Wan Quan
  • Anson Shi as Gu Yun

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